Jojo and the magic Life turned into a quilt:D

Thanks Jake for making me this pretty image:D We were all happy when this was finally finished:D It feels amazing powerful enlightening relieving joyful Like sumiting a giant mountain…a mountain of fabric:D When something this monolithic gets complete:D THanks Jake and Kiddos and family and friends for all the love and encouragement that got this thing to the pinnacle:D

Jolleen So what happens when my baby cousin asks me to create a masterpiece? She sends me a huge box with these lovelies and I get to work:D

Do I dare cut? This beautiful sweater full of love and memories? Yes I do:D And all of these shirts too.

Look at the pretty piles:D

I made sure to save every scrap I could. This came in handy for the crazy backing and the binding. Came in handy for making me crazy too:D HAHAHAHAHA:D

I measured as I cut so I could minimize the trimming when it came time to make rows.
I dont know if this picture gives any perspective of the heap of scraps haha:D

Look what remained:D A pretty organized stack of measured pretty shirt designs:D Plus the giant pile of backs and sleeves:D Most of these shirts did not go to waste and no animals were harmed:D

Jo8 Laying the rows is fun to do to do to do:D

To do

To do
To do

To do

to do
TO DO!!!

So no matter how much measuring and cutting I do, the cutting and measuring keeps showing up for more:D So in this step Im realizing how many shirts there actually are and im trying to shrink them so that they can all fit into one giant gorgeous inspiring (because shes inspiring…most of these are race shirts):D Love my little energizer bunny couzins:D


I know its blury but it was so much work I want to remember haha:D These are all folded under and squeeezed in and now I will pin them at the folds and go chop them up somemore:D


The stabilizer. Here we see the backing being stabilized. and in the back on the table are the newly trimmed and Polloned shirt designs:D This is kind of a boring pic but Its the only one I have to remind me of the ironing that Liz did for me haha:D THankyou LIZ!!!

Jo21 Melo also helped… me watch movies. Look you can see the Christmas pants in progress right there too haha:D Oh and theres the stacks of pelloned shirts again:D Hooray for an amazing sewing room. Its totaly amazing to be able to leave my mess always:D

LOOK its an EMMA:D and shes helping me with the backing that has been all Pelloned up… seriously people you really have to love someone to pellon that much:D

Jo24 Another blury pic of the rows all sewn up:D

Jo23 LOOOOOOK!!!! They are all together!! its the top!!:D haha:D I would like to take this moment to thank my Mom and my God and My husband…and my agent who will show up someday and make all this worth it hahah jkjk:D This picture actually made it all worth it:D Hooray:D

Jo25 Oh did you think you were done? Oh no there are still hundreds of tiny little squares to sew together and Pellon and roll up and iron in half and pin and so on you know the binding drill:D

Jo26 Oh yeah the back. Isnt it crazy and pretty and stubbornly didnt want to lay strait. Tshirt material is so hard to really stabilize and sew together without streatching it. This is the best I could do. This was actually the easiest part of the whole thing:D Just sewed it all into one strip and then cut it in half and sewed it together again and so on. Its a really fun way to make a strip blanket too:D Just random easy peasyness:D

Jo28 Laying this mother out and basting it can go down in history as well.. hellish hahaha:D Or if my perspective diversifies I burned SOOOO many calories:D

I got a little fancy with the quilting on a couple of sqares:D I love the washable crayola markers for drawing my designs. Im not expert enough yet to just go free hand…but ill get there:D and I needed one more shot of that roll of hundreds of little 2.5 inch squares that I used for the binding. The whole quilt is totally made of Jo’s shirts:D I impress mysef sometimes haha.

I did a simple stitch for the rest of the quilting to keep it stimple and let the shirts do their thing:D

Jo31 “Sigh” I think this is my fav quilt so far. I dont want to do shirts again… like EVER haha Insert Taylor Swift song:D we are never ever ever getting back together hahaha:D Maybe



Jo34Just a little close up of the back of the design I did. My first time making a little pretty on a quilt was so intimidating haha but super satisfying:D


And now to send it off to be cuddled:D Sigh