Tony’s Metal Zombie Quilt:D

One day my Bro brought me a pile of scary metal shirts haha:D Worlds colided and we made a metal blanket… Doesn’t sound cozy but watch this pile of metal memorabilia turn into a blanket of epicness:D

Chopping off all the extras takes forever so once you get it done laying it out totally satisfied my little happy sewing soul.

After the lay out comes more trimming and scaling so that they all fit and are lined up well. As you can see the Zombie guy needed to be centered. It wouldnt do to see his cute off the wall string weapon belt in a less than prominent position. SO the art commenced.

After the art there is ironing. Those zombies and skeletal remains of ancient warriors needed to be fused to some pellon hence stabilizing them and letting them live on for many years of love and cozy cuddling. Now thats the afterlife I bet they smile at:D No but for reals…the ironing turned me into a zombie and made me sware off tshirt quilts again…

Look at that happy pile of stabilized death lords.

what to do with the white row. Who makes white metal shirts? Guns and roses apparently… smh. I made it work haha:D I decided since there were so many shirts that needed to be included that a front and a back of fandom would work best. so which zombies would clash with eachother and do clowns get along with giant sea monsters? Well only time will tell.

After a month or two of prep we finally have sewing in the sewing room.

Look!! They are so happy together:D

Beth is blown away:D She loves making her hubby happy:D

Front With the metal head himself:D

and heres that back:D I love that smile. It made the ironing and laying out and staring at zombies worth it:D This guy deserves some warm cuddles:D hes an amazing daddy and uncle and I love that he is a big kid:D He makes our family better:D Love you Tony!!:D Happy cuddles:D








And thats a wrap:D

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