August 2013 Camp

This week filled my fun tank to the brim.  These kids sewed their hearts out and made my life a little more colorful and bright!  We did hand sewing, sKloves, pillow cases, charity blocks and some mighty comfty pj pants:D  I think we instilled in everyone this week a greater love of sewing and having fun no matter what we are doing (even if its fixing a mistake.. which lets be honest we all make mistakes all of the time, its how we deal with it that matters:D ).   Thank you for coming and participating this summer!! ALOOOOHA!:D  p.s. There is one girl who didnt make this blog from this week but her pics will be up soon:D  You know who you are R:D

Excited for the next stage:D  Look out for the fall sewing scedual coming soon:D  Love you ladies and gents:D  So happy to be your teacher:D