Week 1 a success!!


Day one started off with Hand sewing:D  Everyone made one of these puppies:D  We learned to tie knots thread needles make even small stitches, how to Iron:D  All of the girls LOVED to iron haha:D  They did great!


These pants were our final project!  They didnt think they could do it but we got some cute comfty pants for everyone who came:D  Including a couple extras haha:D   Soo soft:D  I hope they enjoy the fruits of their labor:D

projectsbymandy4 copy

Everyones hardest project I think were the scloves.  Oh the pain of pinning for hours and then repinning and pinning again:D  BUT!! We did it!!  They are so happy with the results:D



Day two we made pillow cases and Every single one of them turned out to be beautiful!  I am so in love with these I might be making a few more for me:D


More Skloves:D  So soft:D


The Handmade pillows are dedicated to my Grandma who still has the ones I made 25 years ago:D  Love you Grandma:D  So from Hand sewing to pinning to Machine sewing awesomeness these girls are officially sewers:D  So excited to see them again and make some more fun projects:D  WOOHOO!! Way to do some hard things Ladies:D  We are doing a makeup day for the girlies who missed a day or two:D  We will see their pics as soon as they are ready:D WOOHOO:D  The final project we did was the charity quilt block. 😀  Ill do another post on that as we get closer to finishing the blanket:D