It’s So Fluffy!!!

Smiles & Fluffy Pillow Making

ITS SO FLUFFY!!  Love making these with the girls!  Thanks Jazmyne for the serious good times.  I never realized how much I LOVE teaching kiddos to sew.  Ive been living it up this week!! I feel on top of the world and excited for this new chapter of sewing!  Seeing these girls light up with Amazement that they can accomplish these things and feel secure in themselves because they have a skill and they are good at it!!  I LOVE THIS!!! This is what life is all about:D!! Glad to share this with them!! and you:D haha

on a side note:D

These are super fun and simple to make.  The one complaint I get in camp is how much pinning it takes.  I just use this

material because a. It is super soft and b. by the time they are done they will be experts in pinning:D  The last line on

these pillows is usually the first line they sew all by themselves on the sewing machine:D  They LOVE sewing on the

Machine!! Its like Christmas at my house every time!!