Positive Peer Pressure and the Power of Starting Something Stupid!


Projects by Mandy is one of my stupid Ideas:D Ive dabbled with hash tagging it on instagram and storing photos on my computer for when some day I would post them on my blog or someday..out there..I would use these things. Just not now.
Well my friends. This book helped me realize that starting now is the best idea anyone ever had!!

My favorite chapter was the last one. Leverage. What I have to leverage is an amazing creative partner and a passion for youth and a passion for sewing. So we thought lets put something on the table that brings the two together. I am so excited to be jumping in feet first to this sewing camp project:D It is the first of many projects to come forth from this one stupid Idea:D Im excited to see where all of my baby steps take me in five ten fifteen and twenty years from now haha:D

I owe the expedience of starting in part to this book and I know that its not much yet. But it feels right. It makes my blood tingle and my heart thump louder:D What more can I ask for from a simple project?

I LOVE the analogy Ritchie uses on page 122 with the big wave surfer Andy Pierce. To paraphrase, the man got tore up in a wave and didn’t let his fear get in the way of getting back out there. “Pretty much everyone out there in those giant waves feels scared in one way or another. They just surf anyways.

Well I have to tell you fear is not catching me either:D Im leaning into it and this stupid idea like Richie says:D! If I’m scared then I’m doing something right! I’m living I’m moving I’m changing!! and it feels amazing!

What are your stupid ideas and what are you waiting for? What can you leverage to get started now? Just do it!!:D

I love the power of positive peer pressure!;D Not very long ago I took a girls trip down to St. George and we decided to make it EPIC haha:D one of the ways we made it memorable was by jumping off a cliff into some FREEEZING cold water:D The two of us that were already wet had no problems jumping in but the ladies who were dry had other excuses for not getting wet. We didn’t let that stop them from making this beautiful memory:D Me and my already wet friends cheered and applauded and helped and before you know it we were all soaking wet having fun and no regrets:D That is what I’m attempting here. In this blog:D If I can jump in and get a little wet then so can we all!! Lets just go for it ladies and gents:D Lets jump and make memories and live a whole hearted, full life that we can look back on with a smile and a shake of the head at how much daring we had and how much fun and how much JOY!! Lets do this!! 😀

Get your copy here! Its worth so much more than every penny!!:D
THe Power of Starting Something Stupid.

P.S. If you haven’t checked out the online book club Natalie Reads on facebook. Go and join and read the books! Everyone of them will move you towards a more fulfilling meaningful life!!
WOOHOOO!!! Way to be:D Now if I can finish this first project I will be one step closer to my goal:D

P.S.S. Just one of my favorite parts:D”Just as valuable as experience, is an eagerness to learn and a willingness to constantly seek improvement to get the job done. Covey taught me that authentic experience is gained not by simply strapping yourself in and doing the time, but through constantly (and sincerely) seeking learning and improvement along the road to success.” -p. 70 Starting Something Stupid/Richard Norton/Natalie Norton 😀