Good Morning Love

My sweet husband of 11.5 years wrote this song for me about three years ago. His love and sweet tenderness are all over this song. I remember the morning he got the inspiration for it. The sun shone through the window and we were laughing and talking and just enjoying each other, when he pulled out his guitar and started this song. I will always treasure this memory. Every time I hear this song my heart melts my knees go soft and my soul soars:D

Thank you Jake for making me feel beautiful and lovely and like I can. I love you more every day!! Will you marry me? again? Im seriously the luckiest girl on the planet!! You are so full of love and compassion and hilarity!! Thank you for making my life so full and happy and sunny:D

Love Mandy:D

Check it out here and you can even download it from his site just click the title in the pic:D Yayeee!! its free for a little bit:D
I hope you relate to this song at some time in your lives and enjoy it as much as I have 😀