Baby Zara’s Blanket…and its nasty mean backing:D Will it be worth it?

Baby Zara is a very special little girl who needed a very special blanket.  I love working on blankets for loved ones who are far away.  It makes me feel like they are here with me.

Different from other mink projects, the back is horrible to work with and it gets stuck in baby’s face and its just super hard to line up…But!! its super soft and super cute and once you get the hang of shaking the material, every time you cut it, into the garbage then there is lots less vacuuming and sneezing… And once baby appreciates the difficulty in making this crazy blanket she will realize how much her Auntie Mandy loves her 😀  or not.

Either way this adventure is only starting.  This material thing will be mastered and the corners will be perfect…it might take 5 and it might take 100 but it will be mine…oh yes…it will be mine… at least once:D Like the perfect wave:D  just once is never enough!

Then again perfection never was happiness haha:D  Happiness is seeing Baby Zara three years old and still dragging fuzzy around everywhere:D

Love both my Princesses:D  Her mom is my baby too haha:D  I feel old and Blessed!